CDI 2®

Children's Depression Inventory 2

Maria Kovacs, Ph.D.


Assessment of depressive symptoms in youth aged 7 to 17 years


The Children’s Depression Inventory 2nd Edition™ or CDI 2® is a comprehensive multi-rater assessment of depressive symptoms in children and adolescents from ages 7 to 17, which offers the flexibility of application in either clinical or educational settings. When results from the CDI 2 are combined with other sources of verified information, the CDI 2 can aid in early identification of depressive symptoms, diagnosis of Depression and related disorders, and monitoring of treatment effectiveness.

Key Features

  • Can aid in the early identification of depressive symptoms
  • Strong psychometric properties ensure you can be confident in the quality and rigor of the assessment
  • A complete revision of the original Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI), including new items that focus on the core aspects of childhood depression, revised scales, and new norms representative of the U.S. population
  • Comprehensive evaluation through multi-rater assessments with input from parent, teacher, and self-report ratings
  • Accessible reading level ensures understanding
  • New ways to compare scores across informants with a Self–Report Form which includes Emotional and Functional Problem scales that mirror Teacher and Parent forms


"There is much to like about this test. It is based upon a seminal volume and assessment instrument on depression, built from a youth-age adaptation that demonstrated very good predictive validity and has many practical and psychometric features that testing professionals have come to expect from current well-researched measurements."
Atlas, J. (2014). Test review of the Children's Depression Inventory 2nd Edition. In J.F. Carlson, K.F. Geisinger, & R. A. Spies (Eds.), The nineteenth mental measurements yearbook. Retrieved from the Buros Institute's Test Reviews Online website:



Carroll Depression Scales

Bernard Carrol, M.B., Ph.D.



Measure the presence and severity of depressive symptoms for individuals who are age 18 and older


The CDS provides a dependable measure of the presence and severity of depressive symptoms so that treatment plans can be developed to effectively target an individual’s needs. It is useful in general and specialty medical settings as well as in mental health settings. The straightforward “Yes”/”No” response format makes it easy for adult patients and elderly individuals to complete.Key Areas Measured

  • Major Depression
  • Dysthymic Disorder
  • Melancholic Features
  • Atypical Features